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Silverplate Polishing, Silverplate Restoration, Silver Plate Polishing, Silver Plate Restoration

The art of metal polishing is acquired over many years of practice, learning about all the machinery, materials and methods of achieving a fine finish on a wide variety of metals and shapes.

Due to the decline of industry in America and the onset of the modern throw away society there are few journeymen left nowadays providing such a refurbishing service to homemakers, decorators and other people wanting to restore classic old metal items.

For example modern lighting and hardware is not always suitable for period homes so many clients bring old brass fixtures, lamps and chandeliers, door escutcheon and handles for restoration. Likewise dull and damaged metal artworks are repaired and refurbished. Tarnished and damaged heirloom items of Sterling silverware and silver plate, elegant knives forks and spoons, coffee and tea pots, creamers, sugar bowls and trays are all made to shine beautifully again.

Repairing and polishing stainless steel trim and other shiny parts, brass and aluminum, for antique vehicles is another art skillfully performed for classic auto restorers and enthusiasts as shown in our AUTO section.

Ian Kelly has put a different type of shine on the world of assemblage art by creating unique lighting fixtures from discarded bits of technology, as you can see HERE.

SCMP has been serving the Santa Cruz, Monterrey and Bay areas for over 25 years and now thanks to the internet many other places and states across the country. Come on in, we'll put a shine on for you...

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