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Ian Kelly at Santa Cruz Metal Polishing

About Our BLASTING Service here at Santa Cruz Metal Polishing

SCMP blasting service is for auto parts and other items up to 2 feet wide and we cannot accommodate body panels such as hoods doors fenders etc. Blasting such sheet metal items can cause warping is not generally recommended unless done by a knowledgeable and well skilled person. Even then it's risky especially if you are blasting irreplaceable items.

We use glass bead, garnet, walnut shell and silicon carbide. These media cover most blasting needs, for example:

Garnet for painted steel or aluminum or mill scale removal etc. Leaves a rough finish perfect for primer and painting.

Glass bead for more delicate metal items, steel, aluminum etc, giving a smoother etch and finer finishing.

Silicon Carbide for glass etching giving an even and opaque finish.

Walnut shell is only occasionally used. It can remove thick and hardened paints with minimal etching but does not leave a perfectly clean surface. The combined effect of sharp granules and their impact at 100psi both cuts and shatters paint away. It does leave a slightly etched finish especially on soft metals.

Please note: We do not accept items with grease, brake dust, undercoating material or excessive dirt. It messes up our media and machines. Please insure all parts are first reasonably cleaned and and thoroughly degreased.

We can mask for you or if you prefer to save shop time by doing it yourself. Make sure to use only plastic electricians tape or double strength duct or gaffers tape. Plastic tape gives a sharper edge line for decorative or accurate components. Paper painters tape will not do.

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