restored vintage Radio Flyer Wheelbarrow

The story of Stella's Barrow:

Many years ago our client Marlene used to enjoy watching her son play happily with his little toy wheelbarrow. Since long ago with a lot of use and being left out many seasons it had become very battered and rusted through in places. By the time Marlene's grandchild Stella discovered it while gardening with Grandma, the wheel would not turn, the handles were nearly broken off and it was a riot of ugly weld repairs and crude silver spray paint.

2 1/2 year old Stella bemoaned this sad state of disrepair to her doting Grandmother, who wisely brought it to Santa Cruz Metal Polishing in hopes of a restoration.

While blasting off the old paint and rust the 'Shop Work Inspector' discovered faintly visible embossed letters reading "RADIO FLYER" in the pan. Since Radio Flyer wagon restoration is a specialty here at SCMP, just seeing those embossed letters emboldened our intrepid craftsman to leap the extra mile for little Stella and her barrow.

Some new metal was brazed on to patch the badly corroded areas, smoothed, filled and sanded. Then a good rust preventive coating, a few coats of bright red enamel paint, a new wheel axle and lube and finally all parts reassembled with new galvanized nuts and bolts.

Stella was delighted and imediatly treated her Sesame Street friend Grover to a ride, Grandma smiled from ear to ear, and THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

shop inspector inspecting Radio Flyer Wagon for restoration

Shop inspector examines the Radio Flyer Wheelbarrow for restoration.

radio flyer wagon restoration

What a wreck this vintage Radio Flyer Wheelbarrow was!

Radio Flyer Wheelbarrow Restoration Job Complete

The Resurrection!


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